03 March 2014

"... once he realized that he would never be a protagonist,
he decided to become, instead, an intelligent spectator,
for there was no point in writing without
serious motivation."
Umberto Eco
Faucault's Pendulum

Papers of the Black Rose:

Henry VIII v. Pope Clement VII (1532-1534):

A Conflict Between Civil Authority and Papal infallibility
(Turlock Union High School -1964)

A Theoretical Relationship Between Quasi-Stellar Sources and

Matter-Anti-Matter Annihilation
(Astronomy - Modesto JC)

"The Meaning and Philosophy of 2001:  A Space Odyssey
(Astronomy - Modesto JC)

The 1960's:  The Emergence of
Neo-Tribalism in American Society
(Sociology - Modesto JC)

Unemployment Agriculture in Latin America
(Latin American History I & II - Modesto JC)

10th High School Class Reunion:
An Observation of the Persistence of Social Stratification
Within A Single Generation
(Sociology - University of California, Davis)
A Comparative Analysis and Assessment of
Diminishing Alpha Slots In An Expanding Vertically Organized Society
(Sociology - Modesto JC)
Latifundismo Addendum:
Latifundismo I:  1607 (BCE)
Replacing Indigenous Slave and Peasant Laborers of the "New World"
With Those of the "Old World"

Latifundismo II:  Apr 9, 1865 (BCE)
Post U.S. Civil War Transition of Latin American Slave Laborers
Into the Peasant Laborers of the Western Hemisphere

Latifundismo III:  1898 (BCE)
U.S. Sugar, Coffee & Tobacco Interests Create 
Peasant Labor-Intensive Latin American Unemployment Agriculture

Latifundismo IV:  August 4, 1942 (BCE)
WWII U.S. Latin American Hegemony and the Creation of the Bracero Program

Latifundismo V:  Dark Money - 
The Relationship Between Banking, Politics, Agri-Business,
Drug Cartels and Unemployment Agriculture

A Consideration of the American Harley Rider As Being Representative of the

Traditional Horse Culture Concept in Anthropology
University of California, Davis
Masking Lip Reading I:
A Phonetic and Linguistic Analysis of a Functionally Deaf Informant
Displaying Articulatory and Visual Cue Confusion
(Anthropology - University of California, Davis)

Masking Lip Reading II:
A Phonetic and Linguistic Analysis of a Functionally Deaf Informant
Displaying Articulatory and Visual Cue Confusion
Before and After Acupuncture Therapy
(Anthropology - University of California, Davis)

Killing the Spirit:
Protestant Christian Missionaries and Capitalism
on the Nez Perce Reservation - 1871 to 1941
(Anthropology - University of California, Davis)

Physician & Shaman:
A Synthetic Approach to Healing
(Native American Studies - University of California, Davis)

Computer Modeling:
Towards a General Theory of Cultural Evolution
(The Ecology Graduate Group - University of California, Davis)

Doctors Hospital 1974-1975:
A Seminal Study of the Consequences of the
Corporatization of a Community Hospital

Warfare and Culture I:
Warfare Among Patriarchal Societies

Warfare and Culture II:
Warfare Among Matriarchal Societies

Warfare and Culture III:
Virtual vs. Ritual Warfare Among Hunter-Gatherers

Warfare and Culture IV:
Virtual vs. Ritual Warfare Among Sedentary Agriculturalists

Warfare and Culture V:
Virtual vs. Ritual Warfare Among Horizontally Organized Societies

Warfare and Culture VI:
Virtual vs. Ritual Warfare Among  Vertically Organized Societies

The Birth of Icarus:
The 101st Airborne in World War II and the American Warrior-Myth
(1941 to 1945)

The Fall of Icarus:
The 101st Airborne in Viet-Nam
(1965 - 1972)
Necrology of a Coup d'Etat:
The John F. Kennedy Assassination

Pro Mansuetis Terrae:
Jaques de Molay v. King Philip IV & Pope Clement V - 1292 to 1314

Deconstructing Contemporary American Historical Mythology - 1945 to 1995
     <Prelude:  1898 to 1941 ...
     >Afterword:  1945 to Present ...

                                                                     Eric Lustbader

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"A strategic positioning evades reality,
and confronts through illusion."
Sun Tzu
"Certain things must be concealed,
for to proclaim what they are would raise difficulties
too great to attain them in the end."
José Martí