03 March 2014

"... once he realized that he would never be a protagonist,
he decided to become, instead, an intelligent spectator,
for there was no point in writing without
serious motivation."
Umberto Eco
Faucault's Pendulum

Papers of the Black Rose:

Henry VIII v. Pope Clement VII (1532-1534):

A Conflict Between Civil Authority and Papal Infallability.
(Turlock Union High School -1964)

A Theoretical Relationship Between Quasi-Stellar Sources and

Matter-Anti-Matter Annihilation. 
(Astronomy - Modesto JC)

"The Meaning and Philosophy of 2001:  A Space Odyssey.
(Astronomy - Modesto JC)

The 1960's:  The Emergence of Neo-Tribalism in American Society.

(Sociology - Modesto JC)

Latifundisimo:  Unemployment Agriculture in Latin America
(Latin American History I & II - Modesto JC)

10th High School Class Renunion:  An Observation of the Persistence of

Social Stratification Within A Single Generation.
(Sociology - University of California, Davis)
Latifundia Addendum:
Latifundia I:  1607 (BCE)
Replacing Indigenous Slave and Peasant Laborers of the "New World"
With Those of the "Old World."

Latifundia II:  Apr 9, 1865 (BCE)
Post U.S. Civil War Transition of Latin American Slave Laborers
Into the Peasant Laborers of the Western Hemisphere.

Latifundia III:  1898 (BCE)
U.S. Sugar, Coffee & Tobacco Interests Create 
Peasant Labor-Intensive Latin American Unemployment Agriculture.

Latifundia IV:  August 4, 1942 (BCE)
WWII U.S. Latin American Hegemony and the Creation of the Bracero Program.

Latifundia V:
Dark Money - The Relationship Between Banking, Politics, Agri-Business, Drug Cartels
and Unemployment Agriculture.

A Consideration of the American Harley Rider As Being Representative of the

Traditional Horse Culture Concept in Anthropology.
University of California, Davis
A Phoenitic and Linguistic Analysis of a Functionally Deaf Informant Displaying Articulatory and Visual Cue Confusion.

(Anthropology - University of California, Davis)

A Phoenitic and Linguistic Analysis of a Functionally Deaf Informant Displaying Articulatory and Visual Cue Confusion:

Before and After Acupuncture Therapy.
(Anthropology - University of California, Davis)

Killing the Spirit:  Protestant Christian Missionaries and Capitalism

on the Nez Perce Reservation. - 1871 to 1941.
(Anthropology - University of California, Davis)

Physicians and Shamen:  A Synthetic Approach to Healing.

(Native American Studies - University of California, Davis)

Computer Modeling:  Towards a General Theory of Cultural Evolution.

(The Ecology Graduate Group - University of California, Davis)

Doctors Hospital 1974-1975:  A Seminal Study of the Consequences of the Corporatization of a Community Hospital.

Warfare and Culture I:  Virtual Warfare Among Sedentary Agriculturalists vs. Ritual Warfare Among Hunter-Gatherers.

Warfare and Culture II:  Virtual Warfare Among Vertically Organized Societies vs. Ritual Warfare Among Horizontally Organized Societies.

Warfare and Culture III:  Virtual Warfare Among Patriarchal Societies vs. Ritual Warfare Among Matriarchal Societies.

The Birth of Icarus:  The 101st Airborne in World War II and the American Warrior-Myth.

(1941 to 1945)

The Fall of Icarus: The 101st Airborne in Viet-Nam.

(1965 - 1972)
Necrology of a Coup d'Etat:  The John F. Kennedy Assassination.

Pro Mansuetis Terrae:  Jaques de Molay v. King Philip IV & Pope Clement V - 1292 to 1314.

Deconstructing Contemporary American Historical Mythology - 1945 to 1995.
     <Prelude:  1898 to 1941 ...
     >Afterword:  1945 to Present ...

                                                                     Eric Lustbader

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